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A New Start

Starting Over What is it like to start over completely from scratch in your 40’s coming soon Explore


Headlong into the Red Tangle I need to get a better photo of this…one that doesn’t have the reflection.  Anyway. This is the first painting I did in close to 10 years.  The first painting I finished in over 20 years.  Why did I stop painting?  In short because I didn’t believe in myself.  I


Abstract oil painting of a Celtic labyrinth on a woman's belly

Collaborative series with poetess Kate Lutzner.


Abstract oil painting of a woman holding a flower, her red hair transforms into swirls and colour as it is blown in the wind.

Collaborative series with artist Zsuzsanna Safranyos.


Painting of refugees on a boat

Collaborative series with artist/poetess Cat Christiansen.


About the artist

Emma Saxon has had a passion for art ever since she was a small child. She spent many hours in her youth sketching the faces of her friends and family. At the age of sixteen she traveled to London to begin formal studies in fine art at Byam Shaw School of Art and Richmond University London. There she was inspired not only by the incredible art scene (past and present) but also by the people and the incredibly diverse culture of the city of London. After graduating with honours she had a very successful career in advertising for many years in her role as Graphic Designer and eventually Creative Director.  She has since left that career to devote more time to her pursuits as an artist.

Artist’s Statement

My art work has always centred around people and the vast array of emotions they express. I work almost exclusively in oils and primarily focus on the face, often cutting off sections in order to focus on one particular area of the face that I feel encapsulates the emotion. I’m always trying to reach deeper beyond the surface of a person’s visage in order to capture something of their essence on the canvas. The people and ideas that inspire me are often subjects that I am personally not comfortable with. The painting process becomes a meditative time for me to work through my own emotions.  I’m not working to create a standard portrait of a person, my aim is to uncover the hidden corners of the soul.  Sometimes I find joy, other times pain and despair, but in the end there is always beauty.


Emma Saxon


Port Hueneme, CA


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