Artistic collaboration with Artist Zsuzsanna Safranyos

The beginnings of an oil painting on an easel.

Artistic Collaboration with Zsuzsanna Safranyos

Working together for inspiration in this artistic collaboration, artist Zsuzsanna Safranyos and I ended up with a moving collection of work that not only speaks to motherhood and the complex emotions involved, but also romantic relationships combined with traumatic experiences and the pain and heartbreak that women all too often endure.

Zsuzsanna had 24 hours to create the first painting, then sent me the image of the painting then I had 24 hours to create a painting as a response to what she painted. The collaboration went back and forth like that for two weeks.

We never discussed a direction or a plan for these pieces,

Brooke Metcalfe

Celtic Labyrinth

Zsuzsanna Safranyos

Unfinished oil painting of a young girl in profile

Painting by Zsuzsanna Safranyos of a brick wall with some cracks in it and a small graffiti flower.
Zsuzsanna Safranyos -2020

“Obstacles. We always have obstacles along the line in our life, but when a woman decides to do something only a brick wall can stop her… or she can even break that wall into small pieces to reach a goal…. like Wonder Woman. The flower is now graffiti on the wall.” – Zsuzsanna

Oil painting by Brooke Metcalfe, a woman with red hair holding a small purple flower. She is in profile and her hair is blowing in the wind and turning into spirals of beautiful colours.
Freedom – Emma Saxon, oil on canvas 36in x 24in

This is my version of taking on the obstacle and freedom on the other side of the wall. It is a break through of her own making. The hair colour is reminiscent of the brick wall in my partner’s painting, but now it is dissolving and we are seeing colour through it and within it. She holds the flower now because she is owning her problems and coming up with the solutions herself. – Emma


Painting by Zsuzsanna Safranyos of two differently coloured peacock feathers.
Zsuzsanna Safranyos – 2020

“The blue dot in the middle of each (hair)swirl/wave you painted reminded me to peacock feathers. It meant to be a “male and a female feather” when they finally meet.” – Zsuzsanna

Oil painting by Brooke Metcalfe - a very colourful abstract flower.
Full Circle – Emma Saxon, oil on canvas 36in x 24in

I loved my partner’s painting of the peacock feathers but I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of wrapping up the story we had been creating of this woman’s journey with her meeting a man. She had been through so much that it felt to me the addition of a romantic partner at this final stage was not an appropriate way to end it. So it ends where it began, with a flower only now it is more vibrant and has more depth and many many petals to symbolise all the layers of growth. – Emma